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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Hello People,

Red Velvet cupcakes with their distinct colour are most cake lovers' favourite. I got to know about red velvet cupcakes from my cousins, most times when there's a celebration in their house, red velvet cupcakes or cakes are present. One distinct feature I noticed, is they are always moist and "fluffy" as compared to other cakes.

So, i went around searching for red velvet cake recipes, one thing that surprised me, was that many of the recipes used vegetable oil instead of baking butter. From info gathered and my "small" experience, using vegetable oil gives the cake its fluffiness and the addition of vinegar and buttermilk keeps it moist and light. This bright red & lightly "chocolated" cake gets its colour from the addition of red food colouring or the juice of boiled beetroot (though people hardly use beetroots these days cos it tends to give the cake a different taste) added to the cake batter while mixing.

Now to how i …
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Babies: How to Make Potato and Carrot Purée

Hello People,
Today's recipe is for the special "bundles" in our lives, I mean babies. Babies are so sweet, lovable, tender, beautiful, cute... *add your own adjective(s). It is recommended at birth, that you exclusively breastfeed your new born for the first six (6) months of life as this is of great benefit to both child and mother, especially to the baby as it protects against illnesses and builds their immune system. Not every mother can go all the way, some supplement breastfeeding with formula (baby milk such as SMA, NAN etc) while others breast feed exclusively for the first six (6) months. Whichever method you choose, at the end of six (6) months you will be faced with "introduction of solid foods" to your baby.
At the 6 month mark, some first foods to try are creamy avocados, apple sauce, sweet potato puree, bananas and the like. Many mums (especially new ones) run out of ideas on what to give to their babies so they resort to buying canned baby foods. …

How to Make Banga Soup

Hello People,

Hope y'all are doing great.
This post shows how I make my Banga Soup. Banga soup is a popular soup of  the people of Delta State, Nigeria particularly people from the Urhobo tribe. It is made from boiled Palm Kernel nuts, which are then beat in a mortar in order to extract the palm juice.
Married to an Urhobo man, I had to familiarize myself with their dishes, and learn how to make them too. My hubs was sweet enough to teach me how to make it, and yes he beat the palm kernel nuts by himself that day, it was a funny site *hahahahaha, I was so surprised he could do it. Funny enough, when I finally made the Banga Soup, my sister in-law came home, ate it and was like, "who thought you?", when I said it was my hubs, she couldn't believe cos growing up, he disliked kitchen duties. She gave me some "banga soup tips" that I have added to my cooking over time.
Ofe Akwu (ibo banga stew) is similar in preparation to Banga (Urhobo Amiedi) soup but they taste…

How to Make Corn and Chicken Salad

Hello People,

Been a minute. Hope you all are doing great. For me, I'm awesome and busy with a lot of stuff hence my absence *covers face.
Today's recipe is pretty simple and easy to make.
I was inspired to make this salad after watching a programme on Food Network (DSTV), one of my favorite channels. I'm on a weight loss diet (can't watch), so I eat a lot of salads these days.
This salad was so delicious, I could eat it all through the day.
Caution: Corn is high in  carbohydrates, so if you are on a low carb diet, consume this salad in little portions. 
Corns are also high in potassium, dietary fiber, iron, low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol.
Corns come in different colors; white, yellow and even purple, depending on the area where they are grown. I prefer the yellow ones cos they contain more nutritive value. 

- 1 Can of Sweet Corn (Maize)
- 200g of Shredded Chicken breast
- 2 Red Scotch Bonnet Pepper
- 3 Table spoons of Vegetable Oil
- 1 Small Green P…

How to Make Beef Stock

Hello People,

Today, I will sharing with you "how to make beef stock". This method can also be used in making any other stock such as Chicken, Turkey or Fish.
Two things that I always have in my freezer are Tomato/pepper puree and meat stock, cos they are often times part of my cooking. Stocks are also known as Broths and are used as a base or added in cooking many dishes as  rice, sauces, soups, stews and the like. Stocks are made using edible animal bones or flesh with herbs and other seasonings to enhance their flavor.
Though they can be bought in markets and supermarkets, nothing tastes like homemade stock.
Here is how I make my Beef Stock.

1.5 kg of Beef
1 Large Onions
6 Red Scotch Bonnet Pepper
Spices (Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic, Ginger)
3 Stock Cubes

1. Wash beef with salt and hot water, to eliminate germs.
2. In a clean pot, put the beef, chopped onions, pepper, spices and stock cubes. Crush the stock cubes, don't throw them into the pot like that, …

How to make White (Nsala) Soup

Hello People,

Thanks to all you beautiful people who read my posts, keep reading and be sure to get new twists to your regular dishes.
White soup is called Nsala Soup by the Ibos and Afia Efere by the Efiks. It is one of the simplest Naija soups in terms of time taken in preparation and ingredients used. It also doesn't contain palm oil, hence the name. It is basically made with the stock gotten from boiling your animal protein like beef, chicken etc.
I got to know about this soup during my Uni days. There was this Restaurant that students usually patronized mostly for their White Soup, theirs was the best then. I remember asking one of the waiters for thé recipe, he was kind enough to give me but I never tried it till recently. 
Nsala soup is usually made with uziza leaves, but for this recipe, I used scent leaves I forgot to buy at the market (can't watch), but since I had scent leaves at home, I used it, still came out well.
1kg of Beef
1/2kg of Assorted meat (shaki, …

How to make Steamed Eggs

Hello People,

It's been a while. Sorry I have been MIA. I must say blogging ain't beans man. For me that blogs about food recipes, I have to take pics at every stage of my cooking and this can be very tiring, but for you my dear readers, I will do my best.
At this point, I'd like to shout out to bloggers like Linda Ikeji and co who post daily. I'm new to the blogosphere so with time I will "catch up" *winks

A plate of steamed eggTo the business of the day.
If you are tired of eating boiled eggs, and you don't wan go close to fried eggs, then this post will put a smile on your face cos you will have the opportunity to eat eggs.
Last Christmas, I made this for the family, and everyone loved it. When I was preparing it, my sis was like "which one is steamed egg again", I winked and kept sealed lips, then she added, "will one egg be sufficient for each person?" I'm like wait and see. When I was done, she kept "wowing" lol.